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Disk Space
This is the amount of room you have to store your files (web pages, pictures, videos, programs- anything) online. 100 MB will store about 4000 text web pages or 2000 photos!

Also called bandwidth, this describes how much material can be viewed from your site. 20GB will support millions of page views. It can be used to store pictures, HTML files, videos, programs, and anything else used by the Web site.

ClientExec Billing System
ClientExec is a program that lets you pay via credit card or Paypal. It also allows you to view and modify all the billing information and statistics relating to your account.

cPanel 10
cPanel is the program used to enable you to administer your web hosting account. It is the leading website software, and makes owning and maintaining a website much faster and easier. For a demo, just email us and we'll give you the user details!

Free Setup
You pay nothing to become an account holder with us! Some web hosts charge customers over $30 just to set up an account, on top of their usual hosting charge- but not with Big Wow!

30 day money back guarantee
So you can be sure that we are the right host for you, you have the thirty day guarantee to help you decide, completely risk free. You have 30 days trial time, which is paid for. During this time you are able to cancel at anytime and receive a full refund!

Site Builder
For just $2 per month, you can use the SiteStudio, which makes building a website literally as easy as 1-2-3! Not only that, but once you have built your website you can edit it in either SiteStudio, or in a text editor like HTML Kit or Notepad!

For more information on SiteStudio, a demo and to see the range of templates that come with SiteStudio, click here!

Top of the range Dual Xeon processors

All the sites hosted by us are on top quality Dual Xeon processors to make your website the fastest possible and be accessible 99.9% of the time!

99.9% Site Uptime
For each hour your website is down, you could be losing money. That's why we guarantee your website will be up 99.9% of the time! To check this, click here!

RAID Software
RAID is short for Redundant Array of Independent Disks and used to mirror data on two disk drives simultaneously. If one disk was to fail, the RAID software would instantly switch to the other disk with no interruption in service. RAID also provides twice the read rate of a single disk to increase performance. When multiple requests are made for the same data, demand can be distributed between two disks, decreasing page load time.

Secure, State-of-the-Art Data Center
Our servers and equipment are located in top-tier data centers with high-quality security protection, fire suppressant systems, power backup, and much more to ensure that your site and your data remain protected and accessible to all on the Internet.

UPS Backup
Interruptions in the power supply will never disrupt our servers or your site thanks to our UPS backup system.

Diesel Backup Generator

Our on-site diesel generators provide hours and hours of power backup in the event of a power outage. Not only that, but we have contracts in place so that in the event of a longer power outage diesel will be delivered, no matter what the circumstances!

22 Gigabit Network Connections
Multiple high-speed connections to the Internet from numerous carriers ensure that your site will be accessible on the Internet.

24/7/365 Network Monitoring
Our servers are always being watched by our experienced network team to make sure you get 99.9% uptime!

A support reply within 5 hours maximum
We can guarantee that any support requests will be answered within five hours, if not within the usual response time of 30 minutes!

Phone Support
As well as all the other options, you can phone us to talk to a technician or customer support staff.

E-Mail Support
The main way of getting support, you can email us with any support requests, and get a reply within 5 hours

Live Chat
Not only can you phone and email us, but you can also chat to us Live!

Trouble Ticket System
Similar to email support, a trouble ticket is good for larger support requests. And you're guaranteed a response within five hours!

Easy to follow Visual Tutorials
For standard support requests like 'How to create an Auto-responder', you can use the visual tutorials that take you through the process step by step! To see the list of tutorials, click here!

FAQ Knowledge Base
To answer standard questions, you can browse and search the knowledge base for commonly asked questions.

cPanel User Guide
For an explanation on each feature in the cPanel, you can use the cPanel user guide, which is packed full useful information, pictures and diagrams! To see it, click here!

Addon Domains
Addon domains let you host additional sites with different domain names from a single account. With unlimited addon domains, you can undertake many web projects for one great low price!

Parked Domains
Parked domains allow you to "point" or "park" additional domain names to your existing hosting account. This will allow users to also reach your website when entering the "parked" or "pointed" domain into their browsers

Sub Domains
Sub domains (site.yourdomain.com) give you the power to associate easy-to-remember web addresses with different parts of your site. Best of all, unlike new domain registrations, there are no fees associated with registering a new sub domain!

Error Log
Every time your website has an error, like when someone clicks a link to a page that doesn't exist, it is reported in our detialed error log. It is well know that errors can reduce your Google PR and search engine rank, as well as losing your customers. The error log helps stop this!

Custom Error Pages
Ever seen one of those pages that comes up, saying that you can't go to a page, or there's an internal server error? Well, with Big Wow you're able to customise these! Being able to do this helps keep customers who run into an error, as well as looks more professional!

Unlimited MySQL databases
Be able to have unlimited MySQL databases, which are used to store information , as well as enabling scripts to be run!

Unlimited PostGreSQL Databases
Be able to have unlimited PostGreSQL Databases, which are used to store information , as well as enabling scripts to be run!

FrontPage 2000/2002/2003 Extensions
Be able to edit your website using MS Frontpage, as well as being able to add dynamic functions to your website!

SSH Access
SSH is a powerful tool that allows you to interact with your web files and applications securely!

FTP Access
Be able to transfer files to and from your web space with the industry-standard File Transfer Protocol (FTP)!

Unlimited FTP Accounts
FTP accounts allow you to upload files to your web space for later retrieval or access via the web. With unlimited FTP accounts available through our service, you can make it easy to exchange photos, documents, and other files with friends, family, and business clients.

Anonymous FTP Access
Allow others to upload and download files from your web space by using anonymous FTP

Custom .htaccess Files
Customize how our web server works for your site with the ability to create your own .htaccess files!

Unlimited Email Boxes
Give everyone in your company or group their own e-mail address ([email protected]) accessible via the web and via popular mail clients such as MS Outlook, MS Outlook Express, Eudora, and countless others.

Webmail Enabled
Check your e-mail from any computer connected to the Internet via our webmail software!

POP Enabled
Install your e-mail boxes on any number of POP-enabled mail clients (such as MS Outlook, MS Outlook Express, Eudora, and countless others).

IMAP Enabled
Install your e-mail boxes on any number of IMAP-enabled mail clients (such as MS Outlook, MS Outlook Express,

Unlimited Mail Forwarders
Keep your current e-mail box (you@hotmail/gmail etc.com), but get a customized alias (e.g., [email protected]) that forwards mail to you! With an unlimited number of e-mail forwards, you'll never run out of possibilities!

Catch All Email Address
Don't let e-mail get lost or bounced! Any email that isn't sent to one of the addresses you set up will be sent to a default address of your choice!

Unlimited Mailing Addresses
Make contacting everyone in your group easy and quick by setting up mailing lists! With unlimited lists available on every account, you can keep in touch with your colleagues, friends, users or customers quickly and easily.

SPAM Assassin
Take advantage of this powerful tool to filter-out spam messages from your e-mail boxes!

Box Trapper
Boxtrapper protects your inbox from spam by forcing all people not on your white list to reply to a verification email before they can send mail to you.

Email Filtering
Set up filters, so that all email sent to an preset address will be forwarded to another address. Can also filter out emails sent from certain address, or with certain text in the message. And it can be configured further to be sent to another address, sent to a folder or deleted, plus other options!

Fantastico is an open source script autoinstaller for cPanel with more than 50 different scripts ranging from blogs, portals/cms, customer support, forums, shopping carts, photo galleries, mailing list, and more!

CGI Center
CGI center is a collection of 9 pre-installed CGI scripts, including random HTML, search engines, counters, guest books and clocks!

phpBB is an Open Source bulletin board package, pre-installed for use on your website!

Java/CGI Chat room
Have your very own Java/CGI chatroom on your website!

PHP Chat Room
Have your very own PHP chat room on your website!

Agora Shopping Cart
Have your very own online store with the Agora shopping cart!

Index Manager
The index manager will allow you to turn indexes on or off for a directory. If indexes are off, people will not be able to see what files are in a directory that lacks an index file!

Image Manager
Use the image manager to organise your images, as well as resize them, change their file type and loads more!

SSL Manager
The SSL Manager will allow you to generate SSL certificates, signing requests, keys and install SSL on the server!

Domain Manager
Use the domain manage to make managing your parked, sub and addon domains easy!

IP Deny Manager
Have a user which you don't want on your website, forums or chat rooms? Use the IP deny manager to block them!

File Manager
The file manager is a powerful tool, great for organising your files, uploading new files and changing permissions, plus a lot more options!

FTP Manager
Use the FTP manager to create new FTP logins, as well as configure the properties to do with each account!

Raw Log Manager
Use the raw log manager to configure and manage your raw log files!

PHP is the preferred scripting language used by web developers, and can only be used on Linux systems!

Perl is a very powerful script, used for making web sites. We fully support it!

CGI stands for Common Gateway Interface. CGI allows HTML pages to interact with programming applications, and we fully support it!

Python is a scripting language, designed for simplicity and clarity. It's less widely used than Perl, however is a good choice for large programs.

Server Side Includes (SSI)
A type of HTML that directs the Web server to dynamically generate data for the Web page upon request. It can mean you don't have to update each page, and can save loads of space!

Be able to use MS Frontpage to build your website!

Custom Cronjobs
Be able to set up custom cronjobs, saving you time and so money!

Pay Monthly
Be able to pay us monthly, so you have no large upfront fees!

Pay Yearly
Be able to pay us yearly, saving you money!

100% Private Label
Your users won't ever know we exist unless you tell them! Everything, from the cPanel to the names-servers are either anonymous, or branded with your logo!

Overselling is where we take the amount of disk space and bandwidths ACTUAL USE between all your accounts.

For example, if you had the 5 GB space and 50 GB transfer plan and you decided to offer plans such as 1 GB space and 10 GB transfer on your site, you would only be able to offer it to 5 clients.

With overselling enabled, you would be able to offer as many as you want as long as the aggregated amount USED does not go over the 5 GB space and 50 GB transfer.



ClientExec is the billing manager you can use to save you time! It will automatically create accounts in cPanel, invoice you customers, provide reports on how much money you are making, act as a support ticket system and more! For more information click here!

cPanel is the program used to administer your and your customers web hosting accounts. It is the leading website software, and makes owning and maintaining a website much faster and easier. For a demo, just email us!

WHM is short for web hosting manager, and is used to administer your clients accounts. You can upgrade/downgrade/disable/terminate accounts, see how much space/bandwidth they are using, and more!

Free Domain/SSL Reseller Account
Get a free Enom domain/SSL reseller account, and be able to sell domains from less than $9, with no set up fees!

Resell Reseller Accounts
With our reseller program you can not only sell shared hosting but reseller too!

RV Skin
RVSkin is a great tool for customising the cPanel. Add your own links, change the design, add news, anything can be done!

No Minimum Length
You are free to close your account at any time, whether you've been with us for 2 years, or 2 minutes!

Private Nameservers
Your name servers that your customers use will be ns-1.monroe.nswebhost. You can personalise them, and use ns1-YOURNAME.nswebhost.com

Shared SSL Certificate
Be able to secure your customers personal information by encrypting data as it is sent around the Internet, free!

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